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Wanborough was once much more important than it is today, as well as being larger in area than the present parish.

The Romans had a settlement here which was later taken over by the Romano-British. Several major battles are reported to have taken place within the present parish boundaries between these Britons and the invading Saxons.

The parish was then about 5 miles north to south and 1.75 miles to 2.5 miles east to west. Later the width was reduced by about a third when Little Hinton became a separate parish.

An old book refers to "Town of Wanborough looking down on little Swindon".

Lying just to the south of the Roman town is the modern village, Lower Wanborough still on Ermin Street, which now forms the High Street. This was a stopping place for drovers taking cattle to London and many hostleries and inns catered for them, two of which remain, The Harrow and The Plough which are thatched and close to one another.