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Vicar's Letter

August 2018

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

What a World Cup Tournament that was! Going further than a lot of the pundits had expected, this was another huge testimony to the power of possibility and how attitudes can affect our actions. Alan Hansen, a one time pundit on 'Match of the Day' was always being reminded of his gloomy forecast of a young Manchester United squad. Stating that "You won't win anything with kids" the squad went on to win both the Premier League and the FA Cup that very same year. Other famous predictions that missed the mark include - "A rocket will never be able to leave the earth's atmosphere" (New York Times 1936), "When the Paris exhibition closes electric light will close with it, and no more will be heard of it" (Prof. Erasmus Wilson 1878) and in that same year the Chief Engineer of the Post Office said that "The Americans have need of the telephone, we do not. We have plenty of messenger boys". Thankfully people like Aesop and his many fables have done their best to undermine this kind of negativity and limited thinking.

One his many quotes states that "The level of our success is limited only by our imagination and no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted." It was a recent fashion in a lot of commercial businesses that if we said something often enough we'd believe it. A kind of corporate brainwashing often found within pyramid selling organisations, while not condemning us to our past it can limit our God given potential nevertheless. As we know, Jesus too has been quoted quite a bit. The difference being that He goes on to tell us that His words are spirit and they are life. Not only do they point us into a way of life that is good for us and for our neighbours through good actions, His words also feed our attitudes and feelings toward ourselves and others too.

For example, being called out to sea at silly o'clock in the morning to save a pleasure boat lost in fog with nothing more than a mobile phone to save itself, we might be forgiven for thinking not too highly of them. Going to their rescue was a good action and one based on Jesus teaching. On the other hand, not being cross with them and encouraging them to go to sea with better equipment in the future is a good attitude. One based on the understanding that we are all capable of making mistakes and that it doesn't matter how many times we have messed, up Our Heavenly Father loves us and wants us back in His arms anyway. So chaining people to the past is never going to see them flourish to their full potential, as Gareth, his team and our Bibles show us. I pray that whatever holidays you have planned this summer, you return refreshed and renewed, ready to realise your full potential.

With best wishes and prayers


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